The Miami Beauty Clinic offers clients the PhotoFacial by the method of ELOS Intense Pulsed Light IPL. The PhotoFacial is a non-surgical procedure that treats aged and damaged skin. The method provides many benefits such as dark spot erasing, removal of sun damage and repairing broken capillaries as well as other facial pigment issues. This non-surgical procedure encourages the renewal of fresh restored skin for a younger and more beautiful you. The name says facial however this process can be applied to any part of the body not just the face. The technique has been tested and used for over a decade. The system has been known to show results for a year or more.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a process using an intense beam of broad-spectrum light targeting the lower skin layer. Intense Pulsed Light IPL directs light in pulses to enter deep within the skin. The light then causes the shrinking of collagen and blood vessels which in turn decreases redness and the appearance of age. ELOS IPL is a non-surgical technique that usually lasts 30-minutes, for optimal results a series of 5 treatments over a period of 3 weeks is suggested. The typical treatment stage requires a 5-step process during the treatment. The Miami Beauty Clinic prices for the treatments can range from $250.00 for one treatment to $1250.00 for 6 treatments, based on amount of treatments requested.

If you are looking for a way to look younger or reduce skin damage the Miami Beauty Clinic can help you. A positive to choosing this method over other surgical methods is that there is no downtime required. Recovery time ranges from a few hours to one week. Clients that choose the process will however need to avoid sun exposure for several days and screen should be worn outdoors for 2 weeks. The procedure does not work for everyone those with white, untanned skin present better candidates. The ELOS Intense Pulsed Light IPL PhotoFacial works best for clients that present skin featuring sun-damage, discoloration, or blotchy areas. Skin with large pores, wrinkles, and freckles are also good contenders. There are many benefits that can be seen however as with any procedure there are also negatives. People with dark or deeply tanned skin have been known to present complications. One of the risks that you must watch for are changes in skin pigmentation. The other risks that may occur are blistering and bruising, as well as scabs

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